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Experience gained over the years formed the stability and confidence of our customers. This allowed the company to reach a new level of development and expand its borders. Cooperation with us is available on the Internet now .

Investment plans


  • Deposit amount

    $1000 - $3000

  • Deposit period

    5 months

  • Daily profit

    7-21 $


  • Deposit amount

    $3000 - $7000

  • Deposit period

    4 months

  • Daily profit

    39-91 $


  • Deposit amount

    $7000 - $15000

  • Deposit period

    3 months

  • Daily profit

    133-285 $


  • Deposit amount

    $15000 - $30000

  • Deposit period

    2 months

  • Daily profit

    375-750 $


  • Deposit amount

    От $30000

  • Deposit period

    1 months

  • Daily profit

    900 $


1. Foreign exchange, bank accounts and deposits

2. Government securities

3. Corporate stocks and bonds

4. Investment in environmental technologies

5. Investment in save resources and save energy technologies

6. Investment in IT

Why choose us


- The ability to double your income in any country in the world.


- The company is an investor in many successful organizations.


- Individual development of the script. Multi-level system of protection of your data, exclusion of information transfer to third parties.  
- Non-disclosure of any credentials to the third party.

Legal warranty

- Officially registered company as LTD, information about which is freely available to the user. Original documents are the key to success for each client.


- It services are easy to use and understand to a potential prospect.


- Dedicated team of Ecomomists, a long-term marketing plan, risk diversification, regular improvement.  

How to start making deposit and How its works?

To achieve maximum results, F-Invest offers unique working conditions. Consider them on the example of the minimum investment plan : Beginner

The amount of deposits of which this plan can be opened starts from $ 1,000 and is limited to a sum not exceeding $ 3,000. Your Deposit begin to be used by Financial analysts and Economists of F-Invest company to achieve desired results. Accordingly, to the period specified in the terms of the plan (5 months), the deposit goes into management of the company and generate your Daily profit of 0.7% of the deposited amount that you can withdraw to your wallet daily (the minimum withdrawal amount is 1$ .

In simple terms: Your $ 1000 turns into a stable source of your income 0.7% of the amount for 5 months, which corresponds to the daily profit of $ 7 .

By the end of the investment plan, your net profit will be about $ 1050 and your deposited amount will be returned to your account. Total, after 5 months of the deposit you will be the owner of the amount of $ 2050. .

Terms becomes more profitable with each next investment plan.

Second-level PARTNERSHIP PROGRAM 7% and 3%.


You will get your referral link in your account after the registration process is completed.


Use any advertising platforms available to you. (social networks, blogs, YouTube channels, different types mailing, axle boxes, skype, telegrams and much more) to distribute your referral link .


You are guaranteed to make a profit on your wallet with every replenishment of your referral, 7% of the first line and 3% of replenishments of the second line .